Co-op Philosophy

At the Big Backyard, we offer parents the opportunity to participate actively in their child’s preschool experience.

The school boasts an excellent 5:1 child to adult ratio, with certified teachers, a co-teacher and a cooperating volunteer parent in every class every day. Co-op responsibilities help parents and children transition from home to a school environment.

Parents are decision-making partners in the school. The different talents and interests of parents help enrich the learning experience for both adults & children.

The educational emphasis at The Big Backyard is on learning through play. A thematic approach helps capture children’s imagination and encourage depth of engagement.

We create a rich learning environment and encourage children to explore, make choices, try out ideas and collaborate with their peers. Art, drama, sensory play, music, mathematics, science and stories are a consistent part of our program. Circle time helps teach children about being part of a group, taking turns and following directions. Outdoor play is emphasized. Our wonderful playground includes swings, slides, riding toys,  climbers and plenty of space to run around.

It is our aim to foster the social, emotional and intellectual growth of children by making each child feel safe, respected and loved.

The Program

The Big Backyard offers three core programs (9 am – 12 noon):

  • The Green Room

    2.7 year olds — young 3s

  • The Blue Room

    3 year olds

  • The Purple Room

    4 year olds — young 5s


Flexible scheduling allows parents to choose:

  • 3, 4 or 5-day program for the Green and Blue rooms
  • 4 or 5-day program for the Purple room
  • Optional Friday add-on for all children, early drop off, lunch program and extended day (until 3:30 pm)