Background Clearances

Background Clearances

Big Backyard requires two clearances from the state of Pennsylvania to be completed for all co-oping adults.  This process is required for each adult upon their child’s initial entry into the school, and for each new sibling admitted after a lapse of a year has gone between siblings.  Clearances will be transferred from previous years.

  • PA Criminal Record Check ($10.00 money order, 3+ weeks to process by mail)
  • PA Child Abuse Clearance ($10.00 money order, 2+ weeks to process by mail)
    *The Criminal Record Check results must be mailed with this form.
    *Check box “A” for volunteer.

When you receive your clearance in the mail, please keep the original forms for your personal records and submit the copies with the rest of the required enrollment forms.

One of these can be processed online, the other needs to be mailed to the State of PA for processing.

For details & forms, please visit…

We advise you to start this process immediately. Our goal is to have everyone’s clearances by the start of the school year.  Please note: If your forms are not returned by the start of school you will have to pay for a substitute co-op’er at the cost is $40 per day.